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One Week to go...

September 22, 2018

I'm getting pretty excited. Replay: First Level is now available for Pre-Order here and it's set to automatically release on the 28th. Bullet in the gun, finger on the trigger.


A couple shout outs to get us started.


First Level has more art in it than normal novels, something I want to keep up with. All of the art was designed and commissioned by Deviant Art's ChibiSalLina who, as chance would have it, is accepting new commissions. If it works out I hope she'll continue being able to produce character art and great cover art for me. Check her out!


litRPG is a pretty new genre but it's really just Speculative Fiction with some special rules; they don't let just any novel into the club house. Aleron Kong is credited with giving the genre it's current audience with his series The Land. HE also runs a very active facebook group where you can see other authors and interact with fans of the genre. They're avid.


Last but not least, the talented Ak Duboff is at it again, making a contribution to the litRPG genre. Check out the brand new series:




"Do-overs" are possible. The crystalline network spanning Elle’s civilization allows reality to be reset to past moments in time. 


After a routine reset on her home planet, Elle instead awakens on a spaceship with magically enhanced abilities. She and a group of modified companions are tasked with a dire mission to protect the Master Archive—the reset backup for all settled worlds. 


A mysterious alien Darkness is corrupting the planets linked through the crystalline network, and if it reaches the Archive, all hopes for restoring their worlds will be lost and they'll remain locked in shadow forever.


Join Elle and her companions on their exciting journey in this space adventure trilogy blending high-tech sci-fi with magic, perfect for fans of “Final Fantasy” and “Xenosaga”!



Hope you enjoy it as much I did!

Until Friday,



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