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Announcing new series: Replay

September 9, 2018

Hi All!


I'm getting my ducks lined up. Man, ducks... ever tried to herd ducks? Not super easy. Such an apt expression.


There are probably about a half thousand people on planet earth that have read the Captain of the Monte Cristo so I don't really have any illusions as to whether I have a bevy of readers anxiously awaiting my next release BUT if that rare creature exists: this is for you.


I couldn't keep up with the production schedule that the Classic Re-telling series demanded. I haven't really mastered full length novels in a regular time frame yet, as much as I'd like to work in that format. I have a pretty good first draft for the next book in that series, but even saying that the middle requires some major, time consuming edits. To finish that novel properly, I'd need to be able to dedicate more time than I have to it. So this is me retreating, heading for the boarder to ride again. This is me riding again.


I'm pleased and proud to announce Replay, a new serial of Novellas set to launch at the end of September 2018. 

Follow enthusiastic Peter and suspicious Lana as they awake in a strange world governed over by rules found in classic RPGs. In true litRPG style, watch them level up, improve their skills & gear and quest for the only thing that they really value: their lost memories. 


Production is set right now at a novella every two months with a newsletter every two to three weeks packed with progress reports, book reviews, previews and sneak peek art. Sign up for the newsletter here: 


Check back here for more news and other tid-bits as I get my act together and generate some quality content for all you fine folks.


Until then, 





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